The reality star's suffered a mysterious injury


Jemma Lucy shares plenty of her most intimate moments with her fans on social media – from experiencing an unfortunate house burglary, to airing her opinions on her exes and their new girlfriends (ahem, Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby).

And the Ex on the Beach star stayed true to form when she revealed the odd fact that she was on her way to hospital in pain, complaining of a ‘broken back and broken t*ts’… sounds unpleasant!

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Jemma, 28, took to Snapchat late on Monday evening (17th April) to update her followers on what was going on in her life – and sadly, it soon became clear that she was not in the finest of forms, telling the world that she was off to A&E to investigate the causes of some physical discomfort:

‘Hate my life at the minute. I’ve got a broke back, broke t**s… it’s just fully out of order.

‘And now I’ve got to go and sit in a&e for a long time to find out that is the f*** wrong with my back.’

Jemma Lucy in pain, off to A&E (Photo: Snapchat)

The feisty reality star underwent her second boob job in March, so her claims of ‘broke t*ts’ could be part of her recovering from the procedure, which saw her increase the size of her G-cup cleavage at the Pines Hospital in Manchester. A fitness enthusiast, Jemma went on to express her annoyance that her pains have stopped her from going to the gym.

‘It’s annoying when all you want to do is be normal and go the gym but you can’t because your t*ts are broke and your back’s broke,’ she continued, bemoaning her sore condition, before reasoning:

‘But it could be worse, I could have no legs or no arms so I’m going to stop complaining.’

Good for her for looking on the bright side – here’s hoping she’s feeling back to her normal self as soon as possible!