After her split from John Mayer, she wants a fit new love

She was humiliated only two weeks ago when her romance with John Mayer, 31, ended yet again, but Jennifer Aniston’s already on the hunt for a new man.

The actress – currently filming in New York – has set her sights on a handful of attractive new suitors.

A current favourite is US baseball player David Wright, 26, who’s in hot demand thanks to his bachelor status, £30 million contract and all-American good looks.

A friend of Jen’s tells Now: ‘She’s never dated a sports professional before and she says it’s an experience she’s definitely curious about, especially after hearing about Madonna’s passionate relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez. She says David’s her exact physical type, right down to his boyish smile.’

New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, 34, has also caught her eye, although ironically he’s been linked with another of John’s exes, actress Minka Kelly. There’s also hockey star Sean Avery, 28, who dated 24 star Elisha Cuthbert for several years.

Our source says: ‘Jen’s keen to try her luck with a professional athlete while she’s in New York. She thinks it would be less complicated than dating an actor.

‘This might be the best way for her to find a real match that can last because clearly dating rockers, models and movie stars hasn’t worked out very well for her.’

See the full story about Jennifer Aniston in Now magazine dated 6 April 2009 – out now!  


Beth McLoughlin