Jennifer and Marc step out without their wedding rings

The rumour mill went into overdrive when Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button without her wedding band and blinging diamond engagement ring.

Especially as husband Marc Anthony, 40, had taken his ring off for a weekend of partying the previous week.

Jennifer and Marc have been arguing about her wanting another child so soon,’ a source tells Now. ‘It’s a tough time for them.’

According to reports in the US, Marc was seen partying in nightclubs in New York and Las Vegas.

‘There were lots of celebs there, including Russell Crowe,’ says a friend. ‘Even so, it was unusual to see them out separately as Marc doesn’t usually like being apart from Jennifer at all.’

It wasn’t long before the pair hit the town in a bid to quash the rumours, dining out together in Beverly Hills in a show of unity.

J-Lo’s publicist told Now that the couple are ‘fine’, despite further reports of a tense Thanksgiving family dinner where the couple barely spoke to each other.

Our source says: ‘It’s hard for Jennifer to accept that she can’t do everything.’

Since twins Max and Emme were born 10 months ago, J-Lo, 39, has competed in a triathlon, put their £4.25 million Bel Air home on the market and signed up to appear in two big-budget Hollywood blockbusters.

‘She wants the old J-Lo back,’ our source adds. ‘It was Marc’s idea to make her a Latin star, but it hasn’t worked. She made the movie El Cantante with him, but it flopped. 

‘Now she wants the mainstream success she used to enjoy in the past.’

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