Famous farmer Jimmy talks us through his globe-trotting new series and his Christmas plans

Hi Jimmy! You’re taking over the reigns from Kevin McCloud on Escape To The Wild…

I am indeed. The show is right up my street. I follow British couples as they up sticks to live in a totally new environment. But we’re not just talking about a move to Spain – people are off to live in paradise, or escaping the pressures of modern society.

Which family stands out for you on the show?

There’s a family who go to live on the banks of the Nile in Uganda. There’s also a family with a small baby who venture to a tropical island in Indonesia that’s surrounded by coral reef. The families might be leaving behind the stresses of the UK, but they’re confronted with new worries – snakes, malaria, that kind of thing. But then, of course, families in those countries have been bringing kids up safely forever with those challenges. These things are just new territory for Brits.

Jimmy owns 20,000 turkeys

Jimmy owns 20,000 turkeys

Would you ever be tempted to do the same?

I built a farm from a derelict site, so I definitely have some of those urges in me. I’m very settled in the UK, though. I have a sense of adventure, but I’m tired these days!

You’re good mates with Jamie Oliver. Will you be hanging out together this Christmas?

Most probably. If we have time, we’ll definitely go for a drink.

What will you be cooking on the farm this festive period?

Definitely turkey. We’ve got 20,000 turkeys down on the farm. I love a traditional baked ham, too. And breakfast is always scrambled eggs and salmon.

It’s your youngest daughter’s first birthday this Christmas. Is that going to be special for you?

Of course. She was born on 19 December last year. Christmas is all about our kids. We’ve got a reindeer on the farm, so we have a great time arranging reindeer poo outside the front door so the kids can tell Santa’s been!

Escape To The Wild will return on Channel 4 with Jimmy Doherty