JB hopes his boy will muck out pigs


JLS star JB Gill hopes to pass his love of farming onto his young son.

The singer – who become a farmer after JLS split in 2013 – welcomed his baby boy Ace with wife Chloe Tangney in September 2014 and is already excited about seeing him get out on the land.

‘I’m looking to build up the number of pigs to 25 breeding sows and 500 pigs by the end of next year,’ says JB, 28.

‘What I’m really excited about is when Ace is old enough to enjoy the farm, too.

‘I can’t wait to get him his first pair of wellies and get him mucking out the pigs with me.’

The former JLS star hopes Ace will run some other errands as well.

‘We’ll send him down to pick fresh eggs for breakfast,’ says JB.

‘It’s such a lovely life for a kid here. There’s so much for him to learn and experience and I can’t wait to be part of that – me and my boy.’

While JB Gill will be kitting his son out in wellies and farming gear, his JLS bandmate Aston Merrygold has already treated him to a hamper of fancy Burberry clothing.

‘He said to us, “Now he’s all set for the farm,”‘ JB tells Hello!

‘We were like, “Ast, mate, he’s not wearing Burberry when he’s hanging out with the pigs.”

‘Aston loves babies and he’s so good with them.’

Life as a farmer – and now a father – clearly suits JB Gill but it sounds like it was never something he envisioned doing.

Back in 2011 the singer was still living at home with his mother.

‘I do all my own washing and stuff,’ he said.

‘I used to iron all my school clothes when I was eight!

‘But I don’t do the cleaning ‘cos I’m still at home and Mum takes care of that. Mind you, she works as well, so she gets a cleaner!’

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