S Club singer insists Shilpa was aggravating

Former S Club star Jo O’Meara was booted out of the Big Brother house last night – in a double eviction with Cleo Rocos – and admitted that clips of her arguments with Bollywood star Shipla Shetty looked ‘terrible’.

The 27-year-old from Essex was shown making fun of Shilpa’s accent and saying that she did not want to eat food the actress had touched – but denied her behaviour was racist.

‘I’m not going to deny that Shilpa did aggravate me,’ Jo told Davina McCall. ‘I didn’t trust her for a long time.’

The singer was told about the international furore surrounding her behaviour and that of housemates Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd but she defended her actions.

‘Inside it didn’t feel terrible,’ she said. ‘I am not a racist person. I know that I’m not. My cousin is half Indian.’

Police investigating the alleged racism during the show confirmed that they have contacted Jade Goody, 25, and her mother, Jackiey.