Keith Lemon is a modern day cupid

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are the perfect couple that we wish we shipped sooner! Despite going out for less than a year, people are already routing for Joe to pop the question.

And the former EastEnders actor actually DID on Celebrity Juice

For some points.

Joe Swash decided to take their relationship to the extreme when he popped the question in front of a live studio audience.

When asked by host Keith Lemon what he got Stacey for his 27th birthday in scenes set to air on Thursday, Joe said: ‘I got her three pairs of trainers, some perfume and a nice ring…’

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon


He insisted it was not a wedding ring, just your standard ring. But Keith, and the audience, weren’t having any of it.

Keith kept nudging: ‘I think he wants to get you a ring!’

Joe answered: ‘I didn’t say that! I’m not against it, I’m just saying.’

The Celebrity Juice host kept insisting, despite Joe saying it would be ‘all in good time’, Keith finally produced a ring box with an ‘engagement ring’ in it, and promised: ‘I’ll give you this and if you propose to Stacey on the show, I’ll give you a point for your team.’

But Joe Swash, never one to back down from a challenge, actually got down on one knee as the audience chanted ‘Do it! Do it!’

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He asked Stacey: ‘Will you marry me for this point! Say yes, please!’

And the former Queen of the Jungle said yes! But she looks incredibly unimpressed.

Don’t worry guys, an actual proposal will definitely come soon. If he doesn’t get a big telling off for this prank.