Jamie Oliver’s wife wants them to value virginity


Jools Oliver hopes her two daughters avoid casual sex and illegal substances when they’re growing up.

The ex-model and TV chef Jamie Oliver, 33, have Poppy, 6, and Daisy, 5 and are expecting their third child.

‘I am not religious, but that is one of my main concerns for my girls –no drugs, no smoking, and please don’t have sex, girls, until you are…well, old enough,’ she says.

Jools, 34, met Jamie when they were both 17, and he was her first proper boyfriend.

She’d like her girls to follow in her footsteps.

‘Keeping your virginity is important; it’s part of growing up properly,’ she tells You magazine.

‘I don’t mean you have to be married, but I just don’t want any abortions.

‘It’s not that I disagree with those things, it’s just that I want them [the girls] to do what I did, really.’

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