Glamour girl has worn wrong bra for years

You’d have thought the model best known for her boobs would at least know what size bra to wear.

But it seems that even Jordan has managed to confuse her cup sizes.

The glamour girl, who shot to fame with her Page 3 poses before starring in I’m A Celebrity, has just been professionally measured for the first time in years after signing up to model candy-coloured lingerie.

And it turns out that her real size is 30G – not the 32DD she thought she was.

Jordan says: ‘I know I’ve got big boobs but I never realised they were that big. It just shows you how a good-fitting bra makes all the difference – and I didn’t even need to get another boob job.’

The 28-year-old has signed a multi-million pound deal with underwear company Panache to design bras for big-busted girls. The range is called Katie Price, after the model’s real name, and is based on the colours of sweets.