Eva Carneiro, the Chelsea doctor who angered Jose Mourinho after entering the pitch, won't be at Sunday's match against Manchester City - but she could be in Celebrity Big Brother, say bookmakers

Jose Mourinho has been making headlines for allegedly swearing at club doctor Eva Carneiro after she ran onto the pitch to treat player Eden Hazard, and now he’s confirmed she WON’T be at Chelsea’s match on Sunday against Manchester City.

Mourinho lost his temper with Eva Carneiro and the team physiotherapist Jon Fearn, after they rushed to Hazard’s aid. FA rules state that footballers must leave the pitch after any medical treatment, and the team was already down a player after goalkeeper Thibaut Cortois had been sent off.

It’s still being disputed whether Hazard asked for medical assistance – although footage taken at the time appears to show that he does – and Jose Mourinho has now told a press conference that neither Carneiro or Fearn will be at Sunday’s match. They haven’t been banned forever, though, as Mourinho told the audience at the conference.

“They will not be on bench, but it doesn’t mean Sunday is the rest of our season or the rest of our careers,” he said. “They are not on the bench Sunday, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be in the future.”

He played down their exclusion, saying: “The bench is my responsibility… It’s my decision, nobody else’s decision. Every week I face a decision with 25 players. Seven are not even on the bench. I have seven assistants, only four go on the bench. Four kit men, one goes on bench. Medical, two go to the bench – and we have more than a dozen.”

According to Paddy Power, Carneiro could always fall back on reality TV if her career as Chelsea’s doctor looks uncertain. The bookies currently have odds on her entering the Celebrity Big Brother house at 12/1, and after receiving support from football fans and sports professionals – including Arsene Wenger – she could make a very popular housemate!

Chelsea FC fans outraged after Eva Carneiro is axed for doing her job

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