The X Factor's Josh Daniel opens up exclusively to Now about his battle with depression and how he's now looking to the future...

After dedicating his first audition on the X Factor to his best friend Tom Woolley, who tragically died in 2013, 21-year-old Josh Daniel reveals exclusively to Now how he’s looking to the future…


Hi Josh! Did you expect Simon and Cheryl to cry during your first audition?
The song was so personal to me – I’d never sung it to anybody before. That subject was something I was very closed about, for obvious reasons. I’ve written a lot of music nobody has ever heard off the back of what happened.

After Tom died, how long was it before you felt able to put pen to paper?
For a long time I suffered bad depression and I wasn’t sure how to deal with his death. I never spoke to anybody about it. I didn’t want to turn to counselling or rely on antidepressants. I wanted to come through it on my own. I knew it would be hard – and it was hard – but I feel I’ve grown as a person and I’ve come out the other side.

What does your tattoo mean?
When I was suffering with depression, my nana told me: ‘God has a plan for everyone’ – and strangely everything has clicked into place, which is why I got a hand with a puppet on my arm. It represents God carrying out his plan for me.

Do you have any secrets you’re worried might come out?
I genuinely don’t have any dirt for people to dish! I’m very open – I’m single, I haven’t been with many people romantically who could sell stories, I rarely drink and I’ve never done drugs.

You sound squeaky clean! Have you ever sent a naked picture?
I can’t lie – yeah, I have! It’s one of those things when you’re in a relationship. It’s just what you do. I have nothing to be ashamed of so I’m not worried.

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