She's turning over a new leaf

Josie Cunningham has spoken out about her step back from the public eye, and has made it clear that she’s very eager to shake the sad title of ‘most hated woman in Britain’.

The nation were first introduced to Josie in January 2013 when her £5,000, NHS-funded boob job hit the press – and she was very proud of it indeed! Since then, she went on a fame-building rampage, including planning an abortion in the hopes of appearing on Big Brother.

Unsurprisingly, many of her actions went down badly with the majority and eventually, the trolling and harsh words from others got too much for Josie, and she chose to leave social media and the glare of the spotlight.

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Josie Cunningham takes a selfie

Josie Cunningham takes a selfie

But in a new chat, she’s revealed how she’s moving on with a life, further away from fame. ‘I don’t want to be a glamour model any more. I became obsessed with my appearance and I don’t think that’s good for me,’ she admitted, before revealing that she’s hoping to earn a living using more traditional methods.

‘I’d like to train as a nurse and give something back to the NHS. I’ve looked into it and hope to start next September, but I’d do any job to bring money in, even stacking shelves in Tesco.’

Elsewhere in her chat in Closer magazine, she gushed over her newborn daughter, Dolly. After regretting a previous abortion – which played out in front of the public as well – she reveals that she knew she wanted to keep Dolly when she fell pregnant. ‘Dolly is perfect; she’s like a little china doll.

‘She’s given me a reason to turn my life around – I don’t want to be Britain’s most hated woman any more.’

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