Big Brother's Bristol babe doesn't want to mess around with her insides

Josie Gibson is loving being a plus-size model for Curvissa and is pretty happy with her size.

The 26-year-old Big Brother winner fluctuates between a size 16 and 18, despite newspaper reports suggesting she’s much bigger.

‘They said I was 17st in the paper – bloody cheek!’ she complains.

‘It said I binge on bacon.

‘I’m about 14½st, but I don’t weigh myself much, so I’m not sure.

‘I may lose some weight but it’s not a priority for me.’

Josie, 26, would never consider having a gastric band to shift the pounds.

‘No way!’ she tells us. ‘Are you mental?

‘Do you know how much that messes with your body?

‘I’d never, ever get one. If I was that desperate to lose weight I’d go and work out.

‘Things like that scare me.

‘I know I’ve had my lips done, but messing around with your insides is going too far.’

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Now cover 18 July 2011

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