The Big Brother star has turned things around


Josie Gibson is astounded at how her life has changed in recent years.

The bubbly blonde, who found fame when she won Big Brother in 2010, has dramatically slimmed down and can’t believe how much happier she’s become.

‘A few years ago I never would have dreamt that I could do things I do now,’ says fabulous Josie, 29.

‘I wish I’d done it earlier, because I lost out on so much of my life. I’ve been miserable, but now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!’

Good for you, Josie, we love to see your lovely smile.

As part of her body overhaul in 2012, which saw her drop 6st, Josie released a best-selling fitness DVD and is now working on her own weight loss website.

The upfront star is clearly feeling very comfortable in her skin but admits there are times when she’s not totally satisfied.

‘I’m fine with my body,’ the Big Brother champ explains.

‘Obviously no woman is 100 per cent happy and I always want to improve. I’ve got to say I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

‘I wouldn’t think anything of working out all day. I do a four and a half mile run, three fitness classes and then I’ll run back home.’

In the past Josie has received nasty Tweets about her newly slimmed-down look but refuses to get upset over them.

Last year the svelte blonde admitted that some Twitter users had made cruel jibes about her appearance, with some even saying she resembled an alien.

‘I find those Tweets about looking like an alien funny,’ said Josie.

‘It used to upset me, but not anymore. Now I like it. I’m like, “Come on. Give me your best.”‘

Josie’s also received comments that she looks old but she doesn’t think this is solely down to her weight loss.

‘I do think I look old for my age when I compare myself to other people,’ the Big Brother star has previously said.

‘I think it’s a combination of the weight loss and the drinking, smoking and drug-taking from when I was younger.

‘But I’ll be like a spring chicken after having some microdermabrasion sessions!’

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