Big Brother winner Josie Gibson is almost at her target weight – but it’s been tough


Seeing Now columnist Josie Gibson looking so hot after ‘those’ bikini pics earlier this year has brought a smile to every face in the office.

But it hasn’t been easy going for the size 12 reality star, who’s lost over 2st so far, but is planning to lose more to get down to a 10.

‘I’ve been working my arse off to lose weight and I’m getting closer every week to my target weight of 10st,’ reveals Josie.

‘I’m working out, sometimes with a trainer, four days a week.

‘I’ve been doing this thing called primal interval training, which involves really short bursts of 30 seconds as hard and as flat out as you can go.

‘It’s been ideal for me because I hate working out, but doing mega-short bursts means you don’t feel like you’ve done a sluggish session.’

Having completely overhauled her diet too, the Bristol blonde, 27, won’t go back to her old junk food ways.

‘I’ve also been really careful with my diet and have ditched some old bad habits,’ she says.

‘I’m eating really healthy now, plenty of greens and fruit and veg, and I’m taking fish oils and vitamins.

‘The difference has been amazing.

‘Even my skin and hair feel healthier – and since I cut down on the booze, saving it for special occasions, I’ve been thinking clearer and getting loads more done in my life.’

Read more about Josie Gibson in Now magazine dated 8 October 2012 – out now!

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