The US teen star's mother reveals all about her horrific experiences

Justin Bieber‘s mother Pattie Mallette has opened up about the horrific sex abuse she experienced as a child in new book Nowhere But Up: The Story Of Justin Bieber’s Mom.

Pattie describes how she was attacked by a number of people from the age of 3 and struggled to deal with the stress of the horrific

‘I just did what I was told. Just like a good little girl,’ writes Pattie, 36.

‘There were so many different abusers – young and old, male and female, familiar faces and those I barely knew.

‘I was helpless. I thought, “Again? Why me?”‘

Courageous Pattie turned into a wild teenager and tried to commit suicide at 17, but then had her adored son and become a devout Christian.

Justin‘s close relationship with his mother is well-documented and he appreciates her more since his stardom has meant the pair spend more time apart.

‘Before I was around her all the time, I’d look forward to her leaving,’ the teen star told ITV’s Daybreak

‘Now it’s like, “When’s Mom getting back?”‘

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