Justin denies allegations that he abused and threatened to kill her

TV funnyman Justin Lee Collins is at the centre of a court battle as his former partner claims he threatened to kill her during nine months of verbal and physical abuse.

Anna Larke, who lived with Justin between January and August 2011, has made a series of allegations against her ex.

She claims Justin, 38, gave her ‘thousands of bruises’, some of which she alleges can be seen in photos of them taken last year.

The court heard allegations that he assaulted her by slapping her, grabbing her arms, pulling her hair and spitting in her face.

Anna claimed: ‘Anything would trigger it – there was such a temper on him.’

Justin’s defence lawyer branded the claims ‘rubbish’, adding that Anna hadn’t shown any bruises
to her doctor and accusing her of being ‘calculating’ and a ‘fantasist’.

But Anna was quick to deny this, saying she just hadn’t wanted Justin to get in trouble.

Among Anna’s other claims are that Justin called her ‘a fat f***ing dog’ and told her she was ‘riddled with cellulite’.

She also alleges he ordered her to throw away DVDs with actors she fancied, made her keep
a notebook containing details of every sexual encounter she’d ever had and that, bizarrely, he’d wake her up if she turned away from him in the night.

She told St Albans Crown Court in Hertfordshire: ‘He’d make me stay awake until he went to bed.

‘This was sometimes four or five in the morning.

‘He used to say that if I fell asleep before him I was running the risk of him texting other women.’

She added: ‘It made me feel horrible and disgusting but I was so in love with him.’

Recovering alcoholic Anna, 38, who has a history of depression, met the dad of two at a PR event in 2006, while he was married to wife Karen.

After their 2010 divorce he contacted Anna again by Facebook.

She claims the abuse began when they moved in together.

Justin denies the charge of harassment through fear of violence.

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