Big Brother winner Kate ready to frolic in Fiji

Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler is joining the celebrities on Love Island.

Kate, 26, who won BB in 2002, is due to make her first appearance tonight. But she says she’ll be on her best behaviour.

‘My grandparents are watching and I don’t want to cause them any heart pains or anything like that,’ she says, ‘so I have to be good.

‘I split with my last boyfriend in April 2005 so I’ve been single for about a year and five months. But I don’t know if I’m going to bring romance to the show because I don’t know if I like anyone in there.

‘Some people in there seem up for a giggle, but there are others who might not be on my wavelength – people who might not like being silly and to muck around.’

Speaking about Sophie Anderton, Kate says: ‘People seem afraid to say what they feel around her, but I’m quite outspoken and I say what I think.’