The supermodel wishes she could be taller


Kate Moss has earnt a fortune as a top model and fashion icon. She has her own clothes range at Topshop and has just launched new perfume Velvet Hour.

But the 34-year-old from Croydon knows her body is far from perfect – she just makes the most of what she’s got,

‘I’d love to have longer legs,’ she says, ‘so that’s why I own lots of leggings: because they make my legs look longer.

‘People would be surprised if they knew how little time I spend obsessing about what I’m going to wear.’

Kate knows that smoking is bad for skin but isn’t prepared to give up the habit to help keep her looks.

‘I couldn’t survive without cigarettes,’ she admits. ‘I’ve been smoking Marlboro Lights since I was 14 and I have no intention of quitting now.’

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