Model to try to resolve family tension

Kate Moss has been asked to mediate between Ronnie Wood and his family.

The model, 34, was asked by the Rolling Stones star’s daughter Leah, 30, to ease the tension caused by his relationship with Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova, 19.

Ronnie, 61, has been cut out of his family life and only recently Kate refused to see him out of respect to his wife Jo.

Kate and Ronnie used to be great friends, but when he ran off with Katia, she stood firmly by Jo and the family,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

Leah, who recently married Jack Macdonald, is thought to be seeking a reconciliation with her father now she’s expecting his grandchild.

‘Now that Leah‘s pregnant, some line of communication needs to be opened and none of the family want to speak to Ronnie directly just yet,’ the source adds.

‘In the end it was decided that this was the job for a mutual friend. Kate was the obvious choice. She’s a great friend and very loyal and discreet.’

Holly Arnold