The Apprentice star became even more determined to succeed


Kate Walsh wasn’t popular at school.

The Apprentice runner-up, who achieved top GCSE and A-level results, says she was teased about her weight.

‘Girls would say things like “Kate is a fat cow”,’ she reveals. ‘I used to stand up for myself though. If I got pushed over, I’d push them back.’

Kate, 27, was determined to make a career for herself.

‘I could see these girls getting pregnant and having their whole lives mapped out. That wasn’t what I wanted or what my mum wanted for me,’ she tells the Daily Mail.

‘I dreamt about going to London. I saw myself as a businesswoman, wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, being in control.’

lost out on becoming Sir Alan Sugar’s apprentice to Yasmina Siadatan.

Siobhan Baranian