Cheryl finds herself in a love triangle

Derek Hough’s friendship with Katherine Jenkins seemed to be heating up when we saw them getting touchy feely at the Wireless Festival in London three weeks ago.

But now we hear there’s a fly in the ointment – in the shape of Cheryl Cole.

Sources close to Derek, 27, and Katherine, 32, tell us the singer’s upset with Derek putting Chezza first.

‘She feels Cheryl has too much influence over him,’ says a friend.

Cheryl called him recently when he was out with Katherine and he spent ages on the phone.

‘It’s normal for them, but Katherine felt like a third wheel.’

Despite strong denials by Katherine’s representatives, Now’s source adds: ‘Cheryl’s a good friend of Derek’s, but it’s becoming a sticking point for Katherine.

‘Every girl wants to feel they’re most important.’

But a source close to Cheryl, 29, says: ‘Cheryl isn’t aware of how Katherine feels and she’d be mortified that she’s put Derek in that situation.’

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