Despite previously criticising Kelly Brook’s weight, Katie Hopkins has stuck up for her by slating the model's ex David McIntosh

Katie Hopkins has never been one for mincing her words but it seems that she’s actually had a change of heart about a certain celeb she’s previously slagged off.

The straight-talking TV star decided to stick up for Kelly Brook in her newspaper column this week – despite labelling her a ‘chubster’ just a couple of years ago.

Katie, 40, spoke out in defence of Kelly after the model’s ex-boyfriend David McIntosh said in a magazine interview that he didn’t think his former fiancée was ‘the sexiest woman in the world’. He also claimed that their sex life wasn’t that hot either – ouch.

But David’s remarks haven’t gone down well with Katie.

‘Kelly Brook’s ex, the lumbering hunk of love-muscle that is David McIntosh, is busy telling anyone who will listen that “I wasn’t physically super-attracted to her,”’ the former Apprentice star writes in The Sun.

‘Here’s the thing, beefcake: I find you physically and mentally repellent. You are a man who has spent too much time looking in the mirror and too little time looking in a book.

‘So leave our Kelly alone and pick on someone your own size – Gemma Collins, perhaps?’

Yikes – Katie does NOT like you, David!

The comments come as quite a surprise given Katie’s less than flattering remarks about 35-year-old Kelly in the past.

Two years ago the controversial star blasted Kelly’s curvaceous figure, saying in a Closer magazine interview: ‘I believe in “eat less, move more”. There are loads of celebrities who need to try harder too.

‘Take Kelly Brook for example… Kelly is quite a chubster. She could work harder for her body.’

And it was just as recently as May this year that Katie laid into Kels AGAIN for popping up at the Cannes Film Festival.

‘Kelly Brook has been doing a good job hobnobbing with the rich, famous and exceptionally thin in Cannes this week,’ Katie penned in her Sun column at the time.

‘Given she is none of these three things, I am guessing she is there to give a sense of scale – like using a coin near a small insect.’

Pretty harsh, right? Is it any wonder we’re so surprised by Katie’s latest comments in defence of Kelly?

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