Katie Hopkins has argued on Twitter that 'fatties' should get on scales during airline check-in, so planes can take off safely… Sighhh

Notoriously loud-mouthed Katie Hopkins has gone and insulted most of the world once again by claiming ‘fatties’ should be weighed before they board planes.

In response to a news story on a plane that was too heavy to take off, Katie Hopkins – in true Katie Hopkins style – tweeted:

‘This Easyjet plane was too full with fatties to take off. How many times do I have to say it? Weigh in at check in.

The plane was due to fly from London Southend to Malaga, but some holiday-makers had to be removed from the flight.

However, it was confirmed that the decision not to fly the plane was ultimately down to weather conditions, as some angry Twitter users pointed out to Katie.

@KTHopkins oh shut the f*ck up and read the pilots comments re weather conditions. Idiot,‘ tweeted one user.

‘@KTHopkins why on earth would you want to subject people to that kind of humiliation?‘ another said.

Of course, this is not the first time controversial Katie has targeted overweight people, having previously said she would never hire fat people on the grounds that ‘if you are obese, you look lazy’.

She has even gone to the effort of gaining three-and-a-half-stone on purpose, by eating 6,500 calories a day, just to lose weight again and prove to ‘fatties’ that dieting is easy…

Hmmm, we think our used-three-times-in-a-year gym membership and empty biscuit tin would suggest otherwise.

Katie received a backlash for her comments this time around too, with people labelling her a ‘fattist’. Angry tweets included:

Shocked at sensationalizing of that women’s attitude to weight. Weight loss is a struggle. Fact. #jogonkatiehopkins‘.

‘It is disgusting that mainstream UK press are promoting fatshaming as an ok thing. #SameonyouITV #jogonkatiehopkins’.

‘#KatieHopkins Ignorant sow, not all weight hain is intentional/avoidable #thyroid and other illnesses play a part #boreoff‘.

Will this woman ever learn?! We doubt it.

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