Shocking revelations of their 'horrific' split between Katie Price and Peter Andre, plus cheating claims and sex slurs

Just days after marrying Emily in a dream wedding, Peter Andre had to
cancel his honeymoon to give evidence in a court case that’s opened up all the old wounds from his first marriage to Katie Price.

Not only did the shocking court case expose the toxic breakdown of the
couple’s relationship, culminating in their split in May 2009, but Peter
was forced to relive outrageous and unfounded allegations of sexual
misconduct, too.

So what happened? Peter, 42, was called as a witness in a high court casevbetween his former TV producer Neville Hendricks and ITV2. But it was the details around the breakdown of Katie and Peter’s marriage that sent the world of showbiz reeling.

In Neville’s evidence, he suggested Pete had planned to expose Katie,  37, as a ‘love cheat’ to cause her ‘distress’ as well as boosting his profile.
Neville claims at one stage his former partner Claire Powell ‘obtained a
phone that belonged to the man Peter suspected’ but it did ‘not contain
the evidence she thought’.

But Pete denied he and Claire had a conspiracy to paint Katie as a
‘complete bitch’ after they split. He claimed: ‘That’s not correct at all.
She knew what was happening and she knew what I was going through. I left for a lawful reason, and I won’t accept that Claire made the plan to make me look good and Katie look bad.’

The court also heard Peter was left distraught by malicious claims on
Twitter, which appeared to be supported by Neville, that he had paid women for sex. He added: ‘Rather than defending me (or ignoring them), Neville chose to join in with them.’ Neville denies this, claiming he only endorsed information about Peter’s manager Claire.

Pete’s relationship with Neville continued to suffer. He claimed: ‘I’d
just gone through a horrific divorce and, at the start, Neville was there
with me and saw what I was going through. Now I’m having a problem with the very person who was supporting me, so I was completely upset about what was going on around us.’

Speaking about the break-up of his marriage, Pete said: ‘It was on the
front of the newspapers. All the children were with me. Harvey was with me. Harvey is Katie’s son and I call him my own. She then went on Piers Morgan Life Stories and spoke about why we broke up. I thought it was horrific. I’d never mentioned why I left and what had happened. I was in a mess.’

Neville also alleged Peter found Katie’s disabled son, Harvey, 13, ‘difficult to be with and be around.’ He said he persuaded Peter to write
the song Unconditional about Harvey to show they were bonding. Pete denied the allegations.

Neville, who was in a relationship with Claire from 2004-2010, is seeking £549, 060 for damages and costs from ITV2 after it cancelled
his show in August 2011. But the channel says he was in breach of contract and is claiming £261, 951.

While Pete was dealing with the accusations in court, Katie concentrated on family life, posting pics of her cuddling up to her daughter Bunny, 11 months. She posted a pic of her jam-packed fridge saying: ‘Nice and full.’

The court case with Neville continues, but may be a warm-up for the
ongoing legal battle between Katie and Peter. The pair will go
head-to-head in court on 25 January 2016 and it’s expected to last around 10 days.

Katie’s seeking damages from her former manager Claire, who still
represents Pete, alleging they misused private information about her.
She’s also seeking an injunction after launching a £250k legal battle
against the pair in September 2012.

Among the statements are accusations that Claire leaked private details
about Katie to the press after she left her management company. Claire and Peter have both denied the claims ­ and allege Katie used her private life for commercial gain. Katie paid £200,000 to the court in April to continue her claim.

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