Raunchy product promotion and accusations of sunburnt kids – all on 
a family holiday. So what is Pricey’s game?

She’s never been one to shy away from controversy and has warned her army of fans and haters alike to ‘never underestimate the Pricey’, but have these latest pictures landed Katie Price, 38, in more hot water than even she can justify?

Or is this simply a canny business woman capitalising on every aspect of her life – the good and the bad – to make her wealthier than ever?

‘Melts my heart’: Katie Price and son Harvey praised by Loose Women viewers after adorable interview


From the tender age of 18, Katie has lived her life publicly – stripping off, going topless, falling out of clubs and mixing in circles that saw her every move documented by the press.

And she’s arguably been a success. She’s called out the online bullies and stood up for her first son Harvey, 14, with footballer Dwight Yorke, 45 – whom she recently lambasted for not seeing him in 10 years.

But her recent holiday in the Maldives, a round of product endorsements (cue a porn-style shower scene), provocative poses (from Princess, nine) and a seemingly sunburned child (Bunny, three) has got some riled.

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One online user screamed: ‘Sorry but unfollowing you now. I like raising awareness for Harvey as my son and sister have disabilities but all the self promotion and product promotion is too much, don’t need to see you flaunting yourself in the shower. It’s embarrassing’.

Another wrote: ‘Is she on family holiday or a self promotion tour??? Bored now.’

And a photo on Instagram of Bunny looking red and sunburned quickly caused outrage among her followers, with one commenting; ‘OMG the baby has sunburn.’

While another said: ‘This poor excuse of a parent is not protecting her child.’ Matters weren’t helped when Kate posted a video of Bunny with bandaged hands and the caption: ‘Poor Bunny but she is still happy,’ carefully not letting anyone know what actually happened, prompting accusations of courting publicity once again.

‘The reason she’s not saying what’s happened with Bunny’s hand is because she’ll have sold the story/pics… for yet more £££,’ wrote missycaza, a view seconded by saljjones, who wrote: ‘As if she’s going to tell you when she’s got a new reality show out soon.’

Of course, Katie has her loyal fanbase who jumped to her defence and praised her as a mother. ‘You have some beautiful kids your such a good mum,’ said loobylue22.

Poor bunny but she is still happy ❤️

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Katie’s always been hands-on with her children and time and again has defended her role as a mum. Just recently, when the public Instagram accounts set up for Junior, 11 and Princess were shut down by the company because they were too young (you have to be 13 to have an account) she hit back, saying: ‘I am in no way a bad parent. I’ve got five beautiful, healthy, loving and well-mannered children.

‘My kids have been brought up in the industry and their dad and me on TV shows, everyone knows who they are. Now they are being booked themselves for TV shows, modelling jobs and stuff like that. Social media is the future.’

Arguably, though, her parenting style is different to that of her ex-husband Peter Andre, with whom she shares Princess and Junior.


Pete recently said: ‘Everyone knows I don’t allow them to have phones or social media at my house, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right. I think it opens kids up to all sorts of issues, but you have to compromise with the other parent.’

Pete’s even said that he wants his daughter to become a nun – in jest perhaps, but the sentiment is clear. So the pictures of Princess posing seductively may make for uncomfortable viewing for him.

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The snaps were yet another sore spot for the haters, who were quick to judge. ‘Geez, She’s only 9 ffs enough already!’ wrote roddersnapp, while mariaphillips734 simply said: ‘I think it’s a bit inappropriate, you are a good mother and she’s beautiful but I personally wouldn’t have posted it.’

Despite Kate’s fighting talk, our source says she’s upset that strangers are slating her for her parenting, something she takes very seriously.

‘Kate’s hoping that her new show will let people see that she always puts her kids first,’ says our source, who adds: ‘She chose to take the children away with her because she loves them and couldn’t bear to be away from them.

‘She’s sick of the parenting police who see perfect Pete and Dr Emily doing no wrong. Kate doesn’t see the pictures of Princess as sexy – she just sees her stunning daughter, a mini-me.’

What may not help her get the backing she wants is that back in 2010, when Princess was two, Kate was quoted by a newspaper as saying: ‘When Princess is 18 and goes to be a Page 3 girl, I’d encourage her and go: “Yeah, get them out for the lads.”’

Another sentiment that Pete will undoubtedly disagree with. Regardless, Katie’s done it again – courted controversy and made headlines.

Transparent? Honest? Endearing? Horrifying? Worrying? Arguably all of the above – but one thing is sure, Katie’s having the last laugh as the pounds steadily drop into her bank account once again.