Katie Price’s son is looking more and more like his famous father!

It’s certainly a case of ‘like father, like son’, with Katie Price’s 10-year-old boy Junior looking a lot like dad Peter Andre.

We always knew they were similar but we almost had to do a double take when we saw Katie’s latest Instagram photo – the dark hair, the dark eyes, the tanned skin – it’s basically a mini Pete!

In the snap, 37-year-old Katie is enjoying a very tasty looking drink with Junior.

Alongside the photo, she wrote: ‘Me and Junior enjoying milkshakes .’
Mmm, looks good!
Fans were quick to comment on the similarity between Junior and Peter, 42.

‘Junior is the image of peter…..very handsome boy xxxxx,’ wrote one Instagram user, whilst another wrote:

‘Junior is beautiful like his Daddy.’

Another fan commented and said:

‘Katie he has your features and Petes eyes, all your kids are gorgeous but I have to admit sheepishly that Harvey’s my little favourite xx.’

In fact it looks like Junior is already acquiring some admirers with one follower writing:
‘Ur boy is so beautiful it’s a joke .’

Junior was Katie’s first child with Peter. The pair then had a second child, Princess, who is now eight-years-old.

Junior doesn’t just look like his dad, he’s also acquired some singing talents too.

Back in May, mum-of-five Katie shared a video of Junior singing to the camera. In the vid Junior raps: ‘Yo, yo, yo, my name is Junior Andre and I’m going to sing a rap to you about a woman I love.’
Clearly Junior has inherited his dad’s fondness for love songs.

He then belted out Jackson 5 classic, I’ll Be There with the line, ‘You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back.’




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