Peter Andre heads to court while ex-wife Katie Price prepares to return on Big Brother

Even though he JUST got married to Emily MacDonagh over the weekend, Peter Andre’s had to put his honeymoon on hold as he’s been called as a witness today, in a court battle between his former TV producer Neville Hendricks, and ITV2.

But while he’s been in court, his ex-wife Katie Price who he starred in many fly-on-the-wall shows with, has been doing her weekly shop and preparing for a return to a certain house.

Tweeting ‘Nice and full’, Katie spent the day stocking up her fridge. And for the nosy parkers amongst us, there’s yoghurts for both grown-ups and kids in there, good ol’orange juice, some cheeky energy drinks and a wholllle load of strawberries. Must still be in the Wimbledon vibe.

But  the 37-year-old hasn’t just been doing chores, oh no. It’s Pricey – of course she’s got loads planned up her sleeves!
As well as taking over the world of TV earlier this week, with her dream of reinventing television by being on EVERY channel on KTV, she shared on twitter that she’s looking forward to being on Big Brother this evening, we wonder what she’s going on there to do – be on a guest panel, help serve drinks, even return back into the house?! She did win CBB after all earlier this year.

Her 42-year-old ex-husband Peter Andre has had to give evidence today at Queen’s Bench Division Commercial Court and his former TV producer, Neville, is reportedly suing ITV2 for damages and costs after reality shows involving Pete and Kerry Katona were ended.

Peter and Neville are no longer on speaking terms, following Pete saying he couldn’t work with him anymore after he sent messages to Claire which the judge described as ‘pretty unpleasant.’

From the sounds of that, we’d rather be popping top Morrisons as well Pricey!

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Amy Lo