Following her messages to Oscar Pistorius Twitter trolls are attacking model Katie Price, saying she ‘should be shot’

Poor Katie Price, she can’t say a peep without being attacked! This time the mum-of-five has found herself in the middle of vicious Twitter backlash after admitting she had been messaging convicted killer Oscar Pistorius during his trial.

‘If only he’d shot her,’ one tweet read, while others include things like ‘Katie Price has had marriages that have lasted longer than Oscar Pistorius‘ prison sentence! Oh, hang on… no she hasn’t,’ and cruelly brandishing her a ‘attention seeking sl*g.’

Seriously, would these people say this to her face? No. It seems a bit harsh since all Katie was doing was discussing his case in her Now column and supporting a man on trial, who despite being publically shamed, hadn’t yet been found guilty. Surely she doesn’t deserve this hate?

‘He was direct messaging me during the case,’ Katie, 36, said of Oscar. ‘It’s weird, isn’t it? He was saying, “Thanks for the support,” and stuff. Just all general chit-chat. He was the first one to message me. I mentioned him in my [Now] column, he was referencing that. I wasn’t exactly supporting him, but everyone who goes through a trial will be the only one who knows what really happened. You’re innocent until you’re proven guilty.’

In fact, Katie admitted she’d love to come face to face with the 27-year-old shamed Olympian. ‘I would love to do something like Louis Theroux Meets… that is my dream,’ she said. We would love that too!

This is what Katie Wrote in her Now column back in March:
‘I do feel for victim Reeva Steenkamp‘s family and a little for Oscar, too, as they’re all embroiled in what can only be regarded as a media circus […] The accused is believed to be innocent until proven guilty or acquitted by judge or jury. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do, we are all equal when it come to judicial undertakings and no rejudice or external factors should complicate that process […]

‘I’m certainly not going to judge Oscar on other people’s theories portrayed via the media. One way or another; Oscar will be found guilty of shooting Reeva. What the judge will need to decide is: was it perceived self-defence or was it a domestic spat? The only person who really knows what exactly went on is Oscar himself.’

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