Whoa! What's happened to Katie Price's eye?


Celebs share a lot of their lives with us – their meals, their holidays, and of course, their selfies – but there might be such a thing as sharing too much with us as Katie Price’s latest Instagram posts got us feeling a bit queasy and put us off our cup of tea.

The 37-year-old took a close-up pic of herself, but it’s not the usual selfie you’d expect from her as Katie’s face looks swelled up underneath her eye.

And before you think Katie walked into a door (yes, that does actually happen to the best of us) or one of her kids accidentally whacked her in the face with a toy, the reason behind Pricey’s face may be a bit more serious.

‘Ouch my eye getting bigger I have a stye.’

She then continued to share a even more close-up and intimate photo of her eye, as she pulled down her lower lid to reveal – now, you might want to put down that hobnob you’re eating before reading the next bit – that it was looking yellow as well as inflamed. The words TMI have never seemed more appropriate.

Along with some crying emojis, the mum-of-five captioned the detailed snap saying: ‘my eye is getting worse.’

And because this is the Internet, everyone gave their own medical advice to try and help Pricey. From rubbing gold rings on her eye to eye drops. Now, how many of these comments are actually from legit doctors though, is a different issue…

One user give the most sensible tip out there telling Katie that she needs to go to the GP and that ‘you only get one pair of eyes.’

Very true! We hope Katie goes and gets her eye sorted and that she feels better.

If she skips on sharing with us the healing process though, we’re not going to complain.

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Amy Lo