* Not really - but, after watching this HILARIOUS video, we kind of wish that KTV was actually happening...


Imagine a world where you could turn on your TV and tune in and see Katie Price 24/7. Picturing it? Well, it might not be far off becoming a reality…

A new video details Katie’s plans for TV domination with the launch of her very own channel, KTV.

The video (which you can watch in full below) shows the former glamour model in a variety of guises, including late-night comedian, a superstar boxer and an Egyptian queen – all for different TV shows starring the busty blonde.

‘Katie’s dream is to create a 24-hour TV channel devoted to Katie,’ her clipboard-wielding manager announces, who is seen directing the star in a sci-fi space show, a spaghetti Western and courtroom drama.

All sound a bit much to take? Well, Katie’s having none of it.

‘Oh my god, there’s no such thing as over-exposure,’ she says in the video. ‘I mean, come on; people can’t get enough of me.’

If all this has you reaching to pull the plug on your plasma and pack yourself off to a desert island where KTV can’t reach you, hold up! Because the video is actually a brilliant spoof from the folks at the National Lottery.

The video goes on to show Katie’s ‘manager’ confessing that ‘backing has been a problem,’ adding that not everyone gets her ‘vision’.

‘But, one big Lotto win and we’re in business,’ a hopeful Katie says as she clutches and kisses a lottery ticket.

Then the joke is revealed as a voiceover man announces: ‘Anyone can win with Lotto. Please, don’t let it be her.’

It’s followed with the on-screen hashtag #PLEASENOTTHEM.

Cue mega LOLs (and more than a few sighs of relief).

Still, it’s no secret that Pricey has a wicked sense of humour. Just last week she shared a picture of her ‘bad boy’ boobs on Instagram – but not in the way you think! Head this way to see what we mean…

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Stephanie Wood