And look at who he got to do the job!

If there’s one piece of advice most frequently given when going to get a tattoo, it’s this: do NOT get your partner’s name. Though it can seem romantic at the time, you’re never to know what fate has in store for your relationship – but the tat’ll be there as a constant reminder, no matter what…

But it seems there’s no telling those who are head-over-heels in love – and Katie Price‘s husband, Kieran Hayler, has gone one further by getting a picture of her inked onto his body!

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Jay Hutton – also officially known as ‘the hot one’ – from Tattoo Fixers tweeted out the news of Kieran’s new inking on Monday afternoon:

‘Today was spent doing a tattoo for Kieran of his wife @MissKatiePrice and being entertained by the little man junior’, the tattoo artist wrote, the picture showing him smiling with Kieran, and Katie’s 10-year-old son, Junior.

Sadly, the body artwork itself isn’t on show – but if there’s one person who’s looking forward to see what it looks like, it’s the muse: Katie.

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‘Can’t wait to see what you have done to my hubby and want you to do mine xx’, the glam mum-of-five replied to Jay’s tweet.

Katie and Kieran, who celebrated their 3rd anniversary in January 2016, have been through their rough patches, but have shown signs of nothing but loved-up bliss in recent months. Though it can be risky, it’s a sweet move at its core – and we also can’t wait to see what the tattoo looks like!

If we weren’t rooting for this couple’s success enough already, we are even more now – else it’s another trip back to Jay’s chair for a coverup…

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