Katie Price talks boobs, glamour modelling and her, er, bikini wax


If you thought Katie Price‘s glamour modelling days were over then think again.

The 36-year-old mum-of-five made her name by posing topless for The Sun’s page three and countless other lads’ magazines under her alter ego Jordan.

And she admits she would still be up for ‘being Jordan’ – but men’s magazines no longer approach her to do it.

Katie, who was one of the most famous glamour models of our time, told Now today: ‘Jordan only comes out at night at the moment. Jordan is really for the men’s mags but no one books me. Am I too old?’

Speaking on the Now-hosted discussion panel at Advertising Week Europe this morning, Katie added that she still has the old ironing board covers she once sold during her hey day.

‘They have my picture on them and when you iron on it my clothes come off,’ she told Now’s editor Sally Eyden, who was chairing the talk. ‘I’ll sell them to you for £5 or £10 for a signed one. I’ve got boxes of them at home.’

But she said it’s a bit obvious that the picture on the ironing board cover is old – because she, erm, has hair on her lady garden in the photo.

‘Years ago I had a Brazilian, I have no hair there now,’ she explained. ‘I’ve got a tattoo there now.’

Katie also revealed that she has had more compliments than ever since having her boob implants removed earlier this year.

‘I’ve never had so many compliments,’ she said about her new natural 32B chest. ‘People look at my eyes now.’

When asked to describe her biggest mistake, Katie immediately said auditioning for Eurovision in 2005.

The star sang Not Just Anybody in her bid to represent the United Kingdom but lost out to Javine.

Recalling the moment she said: ‘We all do things that aren’t bright. Eurovision – I couldn’t sing
the song then and I can’t now. And the outfit! I was six months pregnant – what was I thinking? No one is perfect. I do things some people disagree ith. Don’t judge me til you know me properly. I am like marmite, you ove me or hate me.’

She added: ‘I come from nothing and I made everything with common sense. I’m not intelligent, you’d know that if you played Trivial Pursuit with me. But if you put common sense with business, I’m perfect.’

But proving that she still has her cheeky side she joked at the end of the event when fellow panellist Kathleen Saxton revealed she would one day like to streak in public: ‘You do that and I’ll get my new boobs out.’

She then turned to fellow panellist Robin Wight and said: ‘You can get your donkey out!’

Members of the audience warmed to Katie’s honesty at the event. One Tweeted: ‘Coming to the conclusion that @MissKatiePrice is a marketing genius. Want her to be my NBF!’ Another wrote: ‘Feeling a lot of love for @MissKatiePrice this morning.’


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