In a shocking new documentary, Katie Price speaks out about Peter Andre

After nearly 20 years in the spotlight, Katie Price is still the most  talked-about woman in Britain. Despite living out the highs and lows of her tumultuous life in the spotlight, the mum of five has never seemed affected by the constant attention ­ until now..
Now’s been given the first look at an explosive new Channel 5 documentary that reveals the 37- year-old’s raw and emotional therapy sessions with one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists specialising in women’s mental
health, Dr Claudia Bernat. As well as speaking out about her kids and being a mum, Katie also talks about ex-husband Peter Andre…

‘Pete and I idolised each other’
Katie famously met Peter Andre when they both took part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004. The pair married a year later and had two children, Junior, now 10, and Princess, now eight. It’s clear Katie’s never got over the shock of their fairytale romance ending.
‘I thought that we could have been together for ever’, she explains to psychiatrist Claudia. ‘I idolised him and he did me, definitely.’
The reason for their shock split four years later has never been revealed, with Pete claiming: ‘Something big happened, which I won’t reveal.’ But Katie tells Claudia: ‘He thought that something was going on with me and my horse trainer [Andrew Gould] and I always said nothing was going on with my horse trainer.
‘I loved Pete. I’d have never have done anything behind his back or anything like that.’

Andrew also denied that he and Katie were ever anything more than friends.
Katie and Peter have been embroiled in a bitter court battle since 2012, with Katie seeking damages from Pete, 42, and her former manager Claire Powell, claiming they leaked details of her private life to the press ­ a claim they both deny.

‘I don’t want to be a failure as a mum’
Katie’s short-lived relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke in 2001 resulted in the birth of her first child Harvey, now 13. Born in 2002 with partial blindness as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, which means he can’t control his appetite, Katie faces an ongoing struggle caring for her son. She admits her biggest fear is being a bad mum.
‘Take everything else out of the equation ­ take my job out, take the men out, take all my other kids out ­ just me and Harvey on his own is a challenge. It’s full-on ­ people don’t realise,’ says Katie, breaking down in tears to Claudia.

‘People say stuff about Harvey like: ‘Look at your fat, black, dribbling kid.’ Things like that piss me off. I want to write
back, but I have to hold my breath.’
Talking about the possibility of using respite care ­ where parents are given a break away from caring for a disabled child ,­ Katie sobs, revealing: ‘I still won’t do respite with him because I don’t want to feel like I’m letting him down by letting him go while I go and have fun with the others. I don’t want to be a failure.’
Katie also speaks about how torn she feels at times, admitting: ‘Junior wants me to watch him play football on a Sunday, but he understands that I can’t because Harvey doesn’t wanna go. And I can’t make him go because he’ll smash the car up and if I’m driving he’ll just go for it. But then I don’t want to leave Harvey with someone.’

‘I’ll keep having children until the doctors say stop’
She already has five children, but even that’s not enough for Katie.
Questioning her normality, she tells Claudia: ‘I know I haven’t had enough children yet, so I’m gonna keep going ’til the doctor says: “No more.” Then I’d want a surrogate.’ Katie also says she loves ‘the fact they [the children] rely on me.’


Katie Price: In Therapy is on Channel 5 at 9pm on 21 August


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