Warren Furman, AKA Gladiator Ace, fears for her

Once a fresh-faced 19-year-old with undeniable natural beauty, Katie Price has had countless ops and injections that have transformed her – six boob jobs, a nose job, liposuction, fillers and Botox.

Now Katie first fiancé Warren Furman, 40, – better know as Ace from 90s TV show Gladiators – says she’s unrecognisable from the aspiring model he fell for who got her first implants in 1998, aged just 20.

‘She said her breasts were too small,’ Warren exclusively tells us.

‘I assured her they weren’t but she was insistent about getting an enlargement.

‘About five months before we met, The Sun asked readers to vote on whether she should do it.

‘Although readers voted against it, that’s when she realised there was mileage in what she did to her body.

‘I always told her not to have surgery.’

Katie had other body issues.

‘She had moles on her face and she said her nose was hooked.

‘But she started to get obsessed with it.

‘Because all the procedures were given to her for free, she was like a kid in a sweet shop.

‘She’d say: “I want this done and that done.”

‘And I believe that’s still the case.

‘She’s been rewarded financially for mutilating her body.

‘She’s completely lost her way.’

Katie‘s spokesperson declined to comment on Warren’s claims.

Revealed: Her body hang-ups

In October 2011, she confessed: ‘I’m not sexy.’

She added: ‘I don’t need any more work. I’m done with it now.’ 

But she’s since had another boob job, fillers and more Botox.

In October 2012 at London club Gilgamesh, she was overheard saying:

‘I’m plastic. I’ve got a fake nose, fake teeth and fake tits – only my arse is real!

‘I look like a market trader.’

Jordan’s nip/tucks

She’s reportedly spent £100,000 so far on cosmetic ops. 

This includes six boob jobs – the first of which she almost didn’t go through with because readers of The Sun voted against it (below) – a nose job, lipo and Botox every four months.

She’s also had veneers costing £25,000 and pays £3,000 every three months for hair extensions.

Read the full interview with Warren Furman about Katie Price in Now magazine dated 7 January 2013 – out now!


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