Katie Price, formerly know as Jordan, posts a cheeky snap of her former breast implants on the photo-sharing site


You can say a lot of things about Katie Price, but one thing you could never accuse her of is lacking a sense of humour – as her latest Instagram post proves.

The model-turned-mogul – most famous for her, ahem, ample assets – took to the photo-sharing site to post a picture of her boobs earlier today.

So far, so Katie – only it wasn’t a picture of her *actual* boobs. No, instead the picture showed two breast implants – which we’re presuming used to be hers – lying on top of a spangly pink fabric.

Katie captioned the cheeky shot: ‘Check out these bad boys.’

The busty businesswoman has reduced her 32FF surgically-enhanced chest reduced to her natural 32B bra size over the past six months after suffering from an infected implant.

Speaking exclusively to Now after undergoing a second round of reduction surgery in February, Katie said: ‘I’m so glad I’ve got rid of my old boobs! It’s nice to be natural. I’ve finally got the body and boobs I want.’

And no one was more surprised about it than Katie herself. ‘I feel a lot happier with my figure now. I didn’t think I would,’ she admitted.

Katie initially decided to go smaller when she had her boobs reduced to a 32C in December. After the op, she described them as ‘tiny – really small’.

But she was then forced to have the smaller implants removed in February after they failed to heal properly and became dangerously infected, leaving her with septic holes in her skin. Just four hours after leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house as the winner, she flew to Belgium for emergency surgery to remove the implants.

Prior to her breast reduction surgery, Katie joked that she might sell her old implants online for charity.

‘We should sell these implants for charity,’ she told The Sun. ‘I’ve got more pairs in the safe. You could have these very breasts right from inside me in a few weeks.’

So perhaps that’s what she’s dug this perfectly-round pair out for? We’ll keep you posted…

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