The glamour model has defended Paul Price as he faces allegations he raped a woman


Katie Price has issued her support to her stepdad as he goes on trial for rape.

The glamour model is standing by Paul Price, who has been accused of carrying out the attack on a female friend during a night out with pals in March 2015.


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Katie, 38, chose not to attend his week-long trial at Chichester Crown Court to avoid attracting media attention but spoke out in a statement which was read out in court in which she stressed how Paul had been an ideal father figure to her.

‘My dad has always been so loving and such a fun person to be around,’ the mum-of-five said.

‘Although he is not my biological dad he took me and my brother on at a young age and I know that he is there for me for everything.

‘He is amazing with his grandchildren.’

Katie’s mum Amy married Paul in 1988, having split from Katie’s biological dad Ray Infield when the reality star was just 4. He’s the father of Katie’s younger sister Sophie.

Paul, 53, has denied the two charges of rape he’s standing trial for, having been accused of carrying out the attack on a married woman in Worthing last March.

The group were travelling in a taxi in the early hours of the morning following a meal together before the woman stopped the vehicle to get out as she felt unwell.

Paul also got out and the woman alleges that he then first raped her on the beach.

She claims that a second attack happened after they’d hailed a taxi and got out again. The woman claims that Paul grabbed her by the neck and led her to a wooded area where the alleged rape took place.

Paul denies the claims and say that the woman consented on both occasions. He’a also said that they were unable to have intercourse each time as he couldn’t get an erection.

He has also denied claims of being a ‘sex addict’ during cross examination in court.

Paul’s daughter Sophie, 27, has joined sister Kate in defending Paul and sobbed when she praised him from the witness box.

‘I love my dad,’ she explained, calling him a ‘fun’ and ‘nice’ person.

Paul is also being supported by wife Amy at the trial as it continues at Chichester Crown Court.