She's struck a deal with her love rat hubby, he can stay - on Pricey terms...

Just weeks after she exposed Kieran Hayler’s affair with their kids’ former nanny Nikki Brown, Now can exclusively reveal that Katie Price won’t be throwing her love rat husband out.
Instead, she’s offered ex-stripper Kieran, 30, the chance to stay in their family home – so long as he agrees to live on Pricey’s terms. Katie, 39, has, as usual, thrown herself into work while this latest scandal rumbles on and is currently on her speaking tour of the UK, meaning Kieran is at home with the kids.
A well-placed source tells us: ‘Kate’s got bigger things to worry about than a husband who can’t keep it in his pants. It’s almost as if this time she wasn’t even shocked. She’s getting on with work and has agreed Kieran can stay at home – so long as he follows her very strict rules.
‘As long as Kieran is doing his part and allowing Kate to get on with her tour and scheduled Loose Women appearances, she’s more than happy for him to stick around. She doesn’t hate him,  she just can’t trust him.’
Now understands that Katie – who suffered a miscarriage just four days before discovering Kieran’s infidelity – wants him to work his way back into her good books. This way, the mum-of-five gets the best of both worlds.
‘Kate doesn’t want to end up on her own again but the thought of touching Kieran right now makes her feel sick,’ our insider explains. ‘She’s moved him into the spare room for the time being and is willing to put him through sex addiction therapy once more. But first he has to sign on the dotted line.’
Katie’s 10 Commandments:
1 Be available to babysit all the time
We’re told there’s no way Katie will hire another nanny, and as that’s Kieran’s fault, she expects him to be on hand for the kids 24/7.
2 Get the kids ready and take them to school every day 
When Katie’s not on Loose Women, she likes to sleep in – so Kieran will be in charge of getting their five-strong brood ready and out the door in the mornings.
3 Change his mobile number and his email address
Now understands Katie has insisted the only people who can have Kieran’s contact details are her, his family and their joint close friends.
4. Hand control of his Instagram over to a social media manager.
Kieran doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook, but he did return to Instagram earlier this year. Katie, we’re told, will want regular updates on his online behaviour.
5 Sign a contract agreeing Katie can discuss him in any way on any platform
Loose Women, lucrative interviews and her next autobiography – Kieran will have to quite literally sign away his rights to Katie.
6 Be paid an agreed salary 
For now at least, Katie wants to make it clear that Kieran is an employee, not her lover.
7 Sign another agreement that, upon a possible termination, he will leave the premises
The contract will state that Kieran can be ‘let go’ at any time and will have a specific number of days to move out.
8 Carry out all the house maintenance 
As Kieran doesn’t have a job, Katie will expect him to attend to any DIY that needs taking care of.
9 Build a separate house on their land for Harvey 
Katie’s spoken in the past about wanting to build a property for disabled son Harvey to live in when he’s older. We’re told she’ll have Kieran construct this and live in it himself until Harvey’s ready – or she forgives him.
10 Build a petting zoo to open next summer 
They have hundreds of animals and Katie’s always looking for new ways to make money, so opening the grounds to the public is the next logical step for her.