Don't hold back, Katie Waissel! The former X Factor contestant spouts off about the show's judge again

Katie Waisell has unleashed a tirade of abuse against her former X Factor mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, calling the former Girls Aloud star a ‘p***k’.

Katie, who has a long-standing feud with Cheryl, said: ‘I’m p***ed off [at her] for various reasons. If you ask me, she’s fake as s***. I just think there’s no substance to her.’

The star, 29, added: ‘She can be very abrupt and rude. I don’t think she’s a very nice human. My advice to anyone who’s going to be on the show would be to f***ing beg to get someone else as mentor.’

The singer has also claimed she is pals with new judge Rita Ora and even told the former The Voice UK judge to avoid Cheryl, 32, as much as possible.

‘I said Cheryl is a p****, and Rita was like, ‘Oh s***, really?’ I told her I hung out with Simon and Louis Walsh, and Cheryl sat in with her Benson & Hedges in her dressing room staring at her diamonds. Rita, if you ever lose Cheryl, that’s where she is!’

Katie felt betrayed by Cheryl after the Fight For This Love singer admitted in her 2012 book Cheryl: My Story that she ‘wasn’t sure’ about Katie and the only reason she picked her to go through to the live shows because she thought she’d make ‘good TV’

At the time, Katie, who starred on the show in 2010, tweeted: ‘@cherylcole I thought you were better than this. Shame I trusted you. you live and you learn.’

The angry singer said during her time on the show she barely spent any time with her mentor who ‘obviously didn’t give a sh*t about me’, spending most of her time with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh.

‘The time that I did see her we would smoke in the dressing room and have a cheeky drink. Then she’d just go – I’d never see her. If you asked me what Cheryl was like as a person I couldn’t tell you.’

Then l year Katie slammed Cheryl for her judging skills on the show, saying her comments were ‘nasty’ and ‘disgusting.’

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 Lisa Blake