As the Taylor Swift fight gets even uglier, we take a look back at some spectacular star spats

Taylor Swift’s fallout with Nicki Minaj has just been cranked up a notch after her other arch enemy got involved.

Yep, Katy Perry has waded into the spat and hit out at Tay for ‘taking down’ another female star. Ouch!

It all started when Nicki, 32, blasted the MTV VMAs for not including her track Anaconda in the Video Of The Year nominations, a category for which 25-year-old Taylor’s star-studded Bad Blood is in the running.

Nicki was seemingly digging at Swifty’s model-populated footage when she Tweeted:

Taylor was then quick to message the rapper back about it…

The Shake It Off star even invited Nicki up on stage with her if she wins but Katy – who is rumoured to be the subject of Bad Blood – clearly isn’t impressed by Swifty’s remarks.

Miaow! Katy, 30, has of course had a long-running feud with Taylor so it’s unsurprising that she’s sided with Ms Minaj. But who will get involved next?!

With the VMAs set to take place on 30 August, these ladies have got a few weeks to sort out their differences. In the meantime let’s take a look at some of the most memorable celeb fallouts EVER…

Lily Allen and Cheryl

Outspoken Lily started a feud with Cheryl in the 2000s when she penned a tune called Cheryl Tweedy in which she sang ‘I wish I looked just like Cheryl Tweedy’ but later claimed that no-one actually wanted to look like her. Chezza hit back by calling Lily a ‘chick with a d*ck’, which prompted Lily to write an open letter to the Girls Aloud star in which she slated her for ‘taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer’. Lily has since said that she regrets the fallout and wishes it had never happened.

Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne

We’re still not entirely sure how this one began but it got nasty over a birthday cake Gaga sent Kelly in 2013 as a peace offering in their war. After further arguments the girls eventually made up at an Oscars afterparty last year.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

Yep, Nicki’s got experience when it comes to celeb feuds. She had a famously fiery relationship with Mariah when the two were both judges on American Idol where they would regularly argue whilst fellow judge Keith Urban sat between them. It might not have been what it seemed though, as Mariah claimed earlier this year that their spat was ‘fake’.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom

Last summer Orlando was caught on film appearing to throw a punch at Justin after running into him in Ibiza. Justin had allegedly said to the actor ‘say hi to Miranda’, a reference to Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr and the mother of his son Flynn who Justin was rumoured to have been on a date with. After the fight Biebs continued to make digs at Orlando by posting a snap of him crying on Instagram as well as a photo of Miranda wearing a bikini.

Katie Price and Kelly Brook

The Pricey is never one to hold her tongue and got into a bit of a row with Kelly in 2013 after calling her a ‘heifer’ in her newspaper column. They were soon arguing over Twitter about Kelly’s then-boyfriend Danny Cipriani amongst other things and the spat was reignited last year when Kelly branded Jordan ‘brash and common’ in her autobiography.

Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams

Ah, now here’s proof that even the worst celeb spats can have a happy ending. Gary and Robbie famously fell out following Rob’s acrimonious exit from Take That in 1995 but eventually made up in 2008, leading to Robbie rejoining the band for their critically acclaimed album and tour Progress. The old pals even recorded a duet together, Shame, all about their mended friendship – awww!

Katie Hopkins and, um, everybody

Where do we start? The controversial Ms Hopkins has been involved in wars with stars including Danny Dyer, Katie Price, Gemma Collins and even little Ella Osbourne, daughter of Dan Osbourne and Jacqueline Jossa. We expect this list to keep on growing too…

Eesh! There’s Bad Blood between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj over MTV VMAs!