Curvaceous Kelly Brook admits her baby plans are the secret behind her bigger figure

She’s just reunited with her fiancé, David McIntosh, for the second time after a bitter three-week split, but it looks like this could be third time lucky for Kelly Brook as she’s admitted she’s planning to have a baby.

Kelly, 34, who has been publicly criticised for putting on weight after meeting 28-year-old David – by celebrities including Katie Hopkins who called her a ‘chubster’ and Katie Price who described her as a ‘heifer’ – hit back this week and admitted baby plans are the secret behind her new figure.

‘I wanted to be healthier, I wanted to be a bit chubbier because I want to have a baby at some point,’ she revealed to Fabulous magazine.

And confident Kelly, who has been flaunting her sexy, curves in a number of revealing selfies recently posing in her underwear, says she’s happier than ever with her size 12 body.

‘The goal posts have moved. Women expect to see different shapes and sizes in the modelling industry and celebrity culture’s taken over with women like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and Sofia Vergara.’

In August, Kelly admitted she preferred herself bigger, saying: ‘I like myself curvier to be honest and I like having bigger boobs and a bigger bum. I love curves and I’ve got no interest in being skinny. I don’t want to look like a 10-year-old boy – I want to look like a woman!’

Kelly also dismissed claims she had been texting her Strictly Come Dancing star ex-fiance Thom Evans who she had two miscarriages with during their two-year relationship – after her split with David.

‘I’ve not spoken to Thom for years [and I’ve] no interest in speaking to him. I don’t need a quick fix of getting in touch with someone to fill some kind of insecure gap. I’m a grown up,’ she added.

Kelly‘s confessions come just a week after getting back together with the former marine and Gladiator – who she got engaged to just 12 weeks after meeting on New Years Eve last year.

Despite being photographed kissing another woman [28-year-old German model Metisha Schaefer] after their split, Kelly says she loves David ‘with all her heart’.

We hope she finally gets her happy ever after…

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