Those are some big rings...


Kelly Brook has sparked rumours that she’s got MARRIED by wearing a giant diamond ring to a gala.

The glamour model has already denied rumours that she was engaged earlier this year, despite wearing what looked suspiciously like a diamond engagement ring.

And now, attending a gala with her partner Jeremy Parisi in London, her wedding finger gained another addition: a beautiful diamond band.

The two suspect rings! [Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock]

The two suspect rings! [Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock]

Could this be the couple moving to another stage of their relationship – in secret!?


Well, when the images of her original ring were revealed, Kelly ended up trying to quell the rumours by telling the Mail Online: ‘Jeremy bought me a lovely ring but we’re not engaged. I only wear it on that finger because it doesn’t fit the others.’

Hmmm, okay, we believe you that much. But with the addition of the other, even more-diamond encrusted ring, it’s made people believe that she’s got married in secret.

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Kelly Brook has also riled up rumours of an imminent marriage before. The couple have been together for just over a year, and a few months ago she told OK! Magazine: ‘I think he’s the one. He’s so lovely and family orientated. No drama, no stress.’