Presenter says her fiancé understands her like no one else

Kelly Osbourne has revealed she is blissfully in love with fiancé Luke Worrell.

The couple announced their engagement last month after dating for just 6 months. But the 24-year-old presenter says she couldn’t be happier.

‘He’s my best friend,’ Kelly says. ‘He’s probably one of the only people I know who really understands me.

‘I’m not romantic at all, but he makes me. He turns me into a mushy girlfriend and I’ve never been like that before.’

But Kelly, 24, says she and model Luke, 19, are in no rush to have children.

‘At some point in the future I’d definitely like a family, but I’m still really young,’ she tells Celebs on Sunday.

‘My parents’ successful marriage inspires me, but it’s so rare.’

Bronwen Roberts

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