Kezza has said that Hollywood hunk Colin Farrell came onto her by stroking her leg and confessed: 'I would have gone for him'!

She’s had a string of high-profile relationships, but it turns out that Kerry Katona missed out on her chance to get together with a bona fide Hollywood star after she revealed she turned DOWN Colin Farrell!

Kezza reckons that the Irish heartthrob – whose films include Saving Mr Banks and In Bruges – hit on her whilst she was married to Brian McFadden back in the good old days.

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Speaking to OK! magazine, Kerry said: ‘My old crush was Colin Farrell. I met Colin years ago when I was married to Brian and he came on to me.

‘I was out with [Boyzone star] Keith Duffy and he was stroking my leg and saying: ‘You’re a fine young thing!”

She added: ‘I would have gone for him.’

What might have been! Kerry Farrell has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

But wait! As we all know, Kerry is currently single again after splitting from third husband George Kay last October… And would you believe it, Colin is believed to be flying solo right now too! Could this still happen? Let’s MAKE this happen, people!

Kerry has been looking onward and upwards since her split from George, and it’s starting to pay off, with the Atomic Kitten star currently looking happier and healthier than ever due to switching up her diet and getting two personal trainers.

Kerry revealed just how badly her self-esteem plummeted after the split from George Kay, who was later arrested for allegedly assaulting her at their home.


‘I actually put weight on when I split with George because I didn’t give a sh*t about myself,’ she said.

‘I had no confidence or self-worth, I was eating and drinking what I wanted and thought, what’s the point? I might as well be fat and ugly, no-one is going to love me.’

We’re sure Mr Farrell doesn’t feel that way, Kez…

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