After appearing a little worse for wear, Kerry reveals what was really going on in THOSE photos


Kerry Katona has fired back after being pictured looking a little bit dishevelled on a night out last night.

The Atomic Kitten star was snapped flashing her cleavage and snogging Blue singer Antony Costa’s fiancée Rosanna Jasmin at the launch of London’s Top New Model on Tuesday evening, but insisted today that her raucous antics weren’t from too much booze.


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‘For the record I wasn’t drunk last night,’ Kerry, 35, Tweeted after the photos emerged.

The mum-of-five also hinted that she was trying to forget her troubles at the event as she was left grief-stricken by the sudden death of fellow reality star David Gest, who was found dead in a London hotel room yesterday.

‘not that I have to explain to one but going to work was the hardest thing I had to do after news!’ Kerry revealed on Twitter.

After sharing her candid confession Kerry received messages of support from her fans.

‘you don’t have 2 explain yourself 2 anyone !! You live your life the way u want 2,’ one wrote, whilst another added: ‘even if you was drunk its nobody’s business other than your self don’t explain yourself to no one’

Kerry’s mum Sue Katona also backed her daughter.

‘yes your right baby…you don’t have to explain I know how heartbroke you are xx,’ she posted.

After hearing about 62-year-old David’s passing yesterday Kerry made it clear how heartbroken she was on social media.

The singer changed her profile picture to an old snap of her and David and shared several shots of them together with the caption: ‘My best friend in the whole wide world’

She also revealed that she was struggling to get any shuteye due to her feelings of sadness.

‘Sooooo heartbroken! Can’t sleep!! Miss you so much!!!’ a devastated Kerry wrote.

Let’s hope Kerry is feeling better soon.

Anna Francis