Kerry's looking better than ever - and feeling it too! Go girl


For a while after her dramatic, third marriage breakdown last November, Kerry Katona was far from the bubbly lass we’ve always known her to be. However, since January, she has been looking happier and healthier than ever, due to switching up her diet and getting two personal trainers.

But a new interview has revealed just how badly her self-esteem plummeted after the split from George Kay, who was later arrested for allegedly assaulting her at their home.

In pictures: Kerry Katona’s changing looks over the years 

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‘I actually put weight on when I split with George because I didn’t give a sh*t about myself,’ she candidly told OK! magazine.

‘I had no confidence or self-worth, I was eating and drinking what I wanted and thought, what’s the point? I might as well be fat and ugly, no-one is going to love me.’

Kerry Katona and George Kay announced their split in October 2015

Kerry Katona and George Kay announced their split in October 2015

Thankfully, Kerry soon saw the light, and decided to live by the mantra: ‘You’ve only got one life and you’ve got to live it.’

Good on you, Kerry!

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When asked why getting her body back after her breakup was so important to her, the 35-year-old performer instead admitted that is was all to do with her altering the way she thought:

‘This isn’t about my body – this is all to do with my mindset. I could be a size 14 and feel great. If I feel good in my head, I feel good on the outside. I’m still curvy. I don’t weigh myself, I refuse to.’

Instead, Kerry goes by how she feels in her clothes – while she used to be a size 14, she is now around a size 8: ‘I’ve dropped about three dress sizes and around two stone.’

We’re happy to see how happy she is on the inside – and it’s fantastic that the outside matches!

Throwback time! Here’s what happened when Kerry chatted to Now during a sexy shoot a couple of years ago: