Kevin Federline says he won't sponge off his wealthy wife

Hard-partying Kevin Federline has said he may be broke but he won’t take a penny off Britney.

The former backing dancer earned £1million from starring on US reality show Chaotic last year. But he’s blown his cash on a £200,000 engagement ring for Britney and £350,000 on building a recording studio at their Malibu home.

And despite agreeing to go halves on a customised Ferrari, Kevin insists he won’t sponge off his wife.

He told US GQ magazine: ‘I don’t get any money from my wife. I’m almost broke. As a man, as a male figure and a father, I wouldn’t be happy sitting back and living off my wife’s fortune.

‘I have to provide for my family. People gotta understand that I’m working too, she’s not the only one that’s got things to do.’

Federline, 28, also defended Britney, 24, after she was photographed driving with their baby son Sean sitting on her lap. He said: ‘Britney plays mamma real well. She’s a very good mother.

‘People don’t know what it’s like being chased by all those cars and if Britney feels like she gotta take the baby and put him on her lap and get out of there then so be it.’