Director clashed with actor friend on set

Kevin Reynolds claims Kevin Costner got too big for his boots during his prime Hollywood days, causing the 2 to fall out.

Director Kevin, 56, says he stormed off the set of Waterworld in 1995 after the 53-year-old actor refused to let him take control.

‘We had some serious arguments,’ he says. ‘There was so much pressure on the film itself, because at the time it was the most expensive made.

‘We had discussions, then arguments and then a falling out. It took years for us to get over it.’

The 2 are now pals again after sorting out their differences.

Kevin says he is able to sympathise now with his actor friend’s bad attitude in the past.

‘It’s hard not to change when you become the biggest movie star in the world,’ he tells Sunday Times Magazine.

‘They are surrounded by people who tell them what they want to hear. Kevin found himself in a rarefied environment.’


Isobel Smith