Now has learned that all the Kardashian sisters are freezing Scott Disick out - even his previously loyal supporter Khloé

When photos emerged of star Scott Disick being punched in the face by a woman who looks identical to his sister-in-law Khloé Kardashian, we thought he’d been read the riot act after rumours he’s cheated on partner Kourtney, 36 ­ and unfounded speculations he fathered a love child after a drunken night out.

Although the pics, which can be seen in this week’s Now magazine, turned out to have been taken while he was filming YouTube soap opera Youthful Daze, Now has learnt that Scott, 32, is in the doghouse and all the Kardashian sisters are freezing him out – even his previously loyal supporter Khloé.

A source revealed: ‘Khloé despises the way Scott’s been acting towards Kourtney. She was on his side for the longest time, telling Kourt to hang in there because he loves her and is a family guy deep down. But lately his behaviour’s been absolutely despicable.

It all follows reports on 17 June that Scott was holed up in a New York hotel with a bevy of women for four days. At the time, Kourtney posted on Instagram: ‘And this is the part where you find out who you are.’

Last week, Scott was pictured looking very close to ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli while holidaying in the south of France. Touching her back and apparently holding hands, Scott looked as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

There’ve also been rumours of drug and booze-fuelled nights out. Scott was rushed to hospital in November and his former manager and long-time friend David Weintraub has claimed it was due to a combination of booze, cocaine and Xanax.

David said: ‘His body couldn’t handle it and it shut down. He’s totally at the point where he could kill himself.’

It isn’t the first time Scott’s flirty behaviour has been called into question. In 2011, he and Kourt flew to New York ­- but when Kourtney went home without him, things turned raucous. He was pictured surrounded by scantily clad girls on a visit to Tens strip club, where he’s said to have stayed in a private room until 4am.

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