North West gets her own personal trainer after mum Kim Kardashian wants her to get her in shape at an early age

Kim Kardashian like any parent want the best for her little one. Whether that’s giving piano lessons to their mini-Mozart, or taking their baby-Beckham to football club every week.

But Kim has gone one step further.

The 34-year-old star seems to be so determined for her daughter North West to grow up to be the best person she can be, that she’s already got her her very own personal trainer at the grand age of two!

An insider revealed to US news site that Kimmy has a who buffet of different fitness gurus on rota now that she’s pregnant with her second baby.

‘She has one of her guys work out with North at the end of her session, once of twice a week.’

And now, before you think that little North is there lifting weights or doing 100 squats a day like her bootylicious mama, it’s a lot more easy-going than that.

‘They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous.’

She’s going be showing all the other toddlers who’s boss when it comes to roly-polys in P.E class!

The insider goes on to say that Kim feels that it’s important that her mini-me becomes accustomed to a exercise and gym routine early on in life.

‘She wants her the a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it’s perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age?’

It’s all well and good teaching kids at a young age about fitness and health, props for you for doing so Kim K. But ‘perfect physical specimen’? That’s a lot of pressure for a two-year-old!

With Kim announcing that she was expecting her second child with hubby Kanye West earlier this year in May, we wonder if she’s got a work out routine set up for the little boy already!

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Amy Lo